Documentary Northfield Launches at Northfield Rotary Club

The official launch event for Documentary Northfield took place January 12, 2017 at the weekly meeting of the Northfield Rotary Club. As a member of the club, I felt that it would be the best place to introduce the new organization and show some clips from 2016 productions. I’m happy to say that the clips (Rain on Mars, The Chemo Blues and Art Plus Heart) and the plans for 2017 production were well received.

We are still waiting on our friends at Twin Cities Public Television to accept Rain on Mars for a run on their Minnesota Channel. They seem inclined to do so, but final approval has not yet happened. I’ll keep you updated as things progress. As you can see elsewhere on the site, they have, and continue to, broadcast two of our major productions (Harvest and Genesis).

We have several projects on tap for the first quarter of 2017. In particular, we are creating a short documentary for the Northfield Arts Guild, and two performances we filmed for Artmakers here in Northfield. We are also filming local musician Rafi Dworsky as he prepares to upload them to a new YouTube channel he’s creating. Once completed, we will include links to his remarkable work.

Barbara and I will be off to Florida for the month of February. Once I return, I’ll start work on The Legacy of John and Ann North and the Seeds Farm documentary project. A busy year ahead for Documentary Northfield.

Documentary Northfield in 2017

The year ahead is an exciting one for Documentary Northfield. We have several new documentaries planned including a major documentary on the creation of Northfield by John and Ann North. Entitled “The Legacy of John and Ann North” the documentary will follow the North’s from their arrival in Minnesota through the founding and early building of Northfield. It will also show¬†their continuing legacy in our community.

Our first presentation will take place on January 12, 2017 before the Northfield Rotary Club. As a member of the Club, Paul Krause is eager to acquaint his fellow Rotarians with the opportunity that can be achieved through documentary film-making.

On Friday, January 13, 2017 we will be filming the annual Martin Luther King Jr. event at Arcadia Charter School in Northfield. The event features the artistry of Mac Gimse, local sculptor and poet. Mr. Gimse will also be featured in our new series “The Magnificent Seven.” This series of profiles highlight the fact that Northfield’s population is officially 20,007. Documentary Northfield will create seven documentaries before the new census takes place in 2020.