Major Docs

We have produced four major documentaries:

The first was “In Full Circle: The Japanese Style Garden as a Work of Art in Progress.” This documents the creation of the Garden of Quiet Listening at Carleton College. You will be able to watch the entire documentary by clicking on the “In Full Circle” tab.

The second major documentary was Harvest: A Community’s History Founded in Bronze.” This documents the creation of the sculpture of the same name by Ray Jacobson who created more sculptures in Northfield than any other artist. He is also the creator of the marvelous fountain on Bridge Square. This site is dedicated to his memory.

The third major documentary was Genesis: The Art of Creation. It features the artistry of Fred Somers, nationally recognized as one of America’s finest artists painting in pastel.The documentary premiered in April of 2013.

The last documentary is “Sidewalk Poetry.” It’s premiere will take place early in 2014. Excerpts may be seen by clicking on its tab.

We are currently working on our fifth major documentary. More about that as time passes.

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