Welcome to Documentary Northfield.

Our mission is to remind current residents why they choose to live here and to suggest reasons why prospective residents might consider joining our remarkable community.

We will fulfill our mission by using the art of visual storytelling to answer the question,
“what do we mean by the quality of life?” We hear all too much about the quantities of life: population, income distribution, number of schools and churches, etc. The quality of life cannot be measured, but it can be revealed by showing the day to day interactions of our people and the exceptional creative power of our “living treasures.”

Since 2000, we have been documenting this elusive quality and will continue to do so long into the future. We will do so by joining with others in our community to create a model of community building that will inspire our youth to learn about the documentary process and create new visions of what is important to themselves and the larger community.

Through our blog we will reveal the way in which documentary films are made, create awareness of remarkable people in our midst, and celebrate the great potential that Northfield has as a true “arts town.”


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